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7 Must-Try Breweries in Salt Lake City

7 Must-Try Breweries in Salt Lake City

A beer-lover’s guide to the best breweries in Salt Lake City. Bottoms up! 

Like much of America, the craft beer scene in Utah has blossomed in the past few years, and Salt Lake City is no exception. Sitting at the heart of Utah’s brewing scene, these Salt Lake City breweries are doing *magical* things with beer. 

Ready to drink your way around the best?  We are here to help you in this quest to find your favorite pint in Salt Lake City.

Best Breweries in Salt Lake City 

Uinta Brewing Company

Uinta Brewing Company is an exhilarating stop in Salt Lake City, but its history is even more interesting. Uinta came into being in 1993, and at the time, it was brewing on a 15-barrel system. 

Ever since that, their constant innovation has led them to produce some of the best core beers, including Hop Nosh IPA, which is a favorite West Coast IPA, and their refreshing Gose called Ready Set Gose. 

Moreover, Uinta takes diversity very seriously… of the beer kind that is. They have some of the best classic Belgian mixed-fermented beers in Utah. The refreshing, tropical flavors are bound to have you reaching for another pint. 

1722 Fremont Dr, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84104

Templin Family Brewing

Templin Family Brewing is one of those breweries in Salt Lake City that really does have it all. It doesn’t matter if you have a tall glass of delicious classic flavor of lagers or if you feel like trying the latest IPAs- this brewery has got you covered.

Their primary focus is on German Lagers, but they don’t stop there. Templin Family Brewing pushes boundaries and experiments with traditional and modern flavors to produce the tastiest drinks. This is why they have a diverse range of flavors up their sleeve, which makes them a must-go-to place in South Lake City.

If you love lagers, you will love their unique blend, like Dortmunder and Kellerbier. Their  Templin Family’s München Helles is famous for its crispy, malty, delicious, and, most importantly, balanced taste. It is a must-have, refreshing, Bavarian-inspired drink you can find in Salt Lake City.

936 S 300 W, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101

A. Fisher Brewing Company

Breweries are fun. You get the drink you want, and you meet people. But, it is also one of the best places to soak up the culture of any place. 

Precisely for this reason, A. Fisher Brewing company takes pride in being owned by its employees and becoming the pinnacle of community-oriented businesses. 

They have an extensive range of draft beer, which means all of them are 5% or below. You can visit them and enjoy their seasonal drinks on their beautiful patio with your friends. 

Moreover, there are plenty of local truck food options available to fill up your appetite. 

Almost all the drinks available in this brewery have been tried, tested, and loved. However, Rye Cream Ale has risen in popularity due to its creamy texture and refreshing touch. This ale is smooth, cozy, and delicious – everything you want in your drink.

320 W 800 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Toasted Barrel Brewery

Sour beer doesn’t have a huge fan base, but the ones who love it are loyal to them. And for sour beer lovers, Toasted Barrel Brewery is a haven. They have unique beers inspired by European Sour Beer. The flavor palette is as diverse as it can get, from Berliner Weisse to Oud Bruin.

Moreover, if you want to mix and match, they also have praise-worthy collections of hazy IPA, oak-aged lagers, and barrel-aged stouts. Their Raspberry Weisse Man has gained a positive reputation as it’s made from a kettle-soured wheat ale with ample tarty and juicy raspberries. 

So, if you fancy a refreshing and sour beer, Toasted Barrel Brewery might be the place for you. Their crisp and unique drinks and the perfect weather in Salt Lake City can elevate anyone’s spirits.

412 W 600 N, Salt Lake City, UT 84103

SaltFire Brewing Co.

SaltFire Brewing Co is a dream spot for the more adventurous drinkers among you. This hub for innovation and creativity is home to a contemporary selection of well-brewed beers. 

This brewery has been an all-time favorite for its consistent quality since its inception in 2016.

Make a beeline for SaltFire Brewing Co if you fancy American-style brews. But that’s not all that they have. This brewery is famous for experimenting with new flavors of Saisons, sour beer, and wild ales. And the results have been gobsmacking.

Their Dirty Chai Stout is their most popular beer for its unique taste. The trick is adding Indian tea leaves to an enriching coffee stout, creating a spicy, aromatic, and warm concoction. Don’t miss out on this drink if you’re a fan of slight bitterness mixed with a sweet malty flavor. 

2199 S W Temple, South Salt Lake, UT 84115

Bewilder Brewing Co. 

Beer nerds often long for a place that serves new mixes with a touch of tradition. And, when it comes to South Lake City, Bewilder Brewing Co is the one that has won the reputation of being the place to go.  

This is a perfect example of classic and modern if you’re looking for a downtown brewpub. It has a warm vibe, a beautiful kitchen, and mouthwatering beer with a unique Bavarian-inspired menu. Moreover, Bewilder Brewing Co is famous for its freshly tapped seasonal beers, especially its English- and German-styled mixes.

So, don’t miss out on this brewery experience if you’re in Salt Lake City. And, if you like the classic flavor of bitter and sweet, then do try out their special Bewilder ESB for a malty, delicious, and seasonal beer.

445 400 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Kiitos Brewing

If you’re looking for tropical brews to treat your taste palettes, then Kiitos Brews in Granary District is your go-to. They have a wide selection to choose from, so the chances of you stumbling upon your new favorite flavor are much higher. 

Kiitos Brews have a homey taproom where you can taste their delightful range. However, the good news is that many of their brews are also available in cans. Currently, their Northeast India Pale Ale is an all-time favorite in South Lake City. They drew their inspiration from hazy IPA. 

The best thing about this brewery is that its flavors are perfectly balanced without being too sweet or overtly bitter. So, if you’re in the mood to spend an eventful afternoon, Kiitos Brews is your best bet!

608 W 700 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Practical Tips for Exploring the Breweries in Salt Lake City

Now that we’ve helped you discover the best breweries in Salt Lake City are, here are some tips you should consider before deciding where you’d like to visit

Know your beers. The two main styles of beer are Ales and Lagers. They are prepared differently with different ingredients and techniques. Figure out what’s your type. 

Know your style. Beer styles are diverse, so you need to understand them before figuring out your favorite flavor.

Beers are supposed to be enjoyed so that their complex flavors are devoured completely. The best way to do this is to cleanse your palette before trying different beer options.

Beer tasting is an measured act. You’re supposed to enjoy every sip; the best way to do this is to sip from a glass. Chugging from a bottle minimizes the experience.

Your beer should be at the right temperature. The complex flavors are reduced if it is too cold or too hot.

Swirling the beer in your mouth before taking it in is a common practice as it helps you discover all the earthy, complex flavors of the beer.

Salt Lake City Breweries: Map

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