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The Best Things to do in Beaver

The Best Things to do in Beaver

Discover the best things to do in Beaver with this practical guide. 

Beaver, and the surrounding Beaver County is a rich destination with plenty to offer for family adventure breaks or a quiet nature retreat. Boasting gorgeous landscapes like the Tushar Mountains, it’s an area with a lot to explore.

Need somewhere to stay? Head to the Best Western Butch Cassidy Inn. The hotel is in a prime downtown location, directly across the street from Main Street Park.

Top 5 Things to Do in Beaver County

Visit The Creamery

The Creamery Beaver, Utah, USA

Dating all the way back to 1952, The Creamery is one of the top foodie spots in Beaver. With a shop, restaurant and ice cream parlor on site, it’s well worth a visit. 

Go to purchase some of the best cheese you can get your hands on in the state – and try an indulgent ice cream from the Creamery Parlor. They focus on high-quality, wholesome products – and it shows. 

Hike Through the Tushar Mountains

Tushar Mountains, Utah

When it comes to things to do in Beaver County, hiking should be at the top of your list. 

The Tushar Mountains give you the opportunity to stretch your legs on some of Utah’s most beautiful trails. 

Kick off at the Jimmy Reed Trailhead, just 15 miles outside of town in Fishlake National Forest. The trailhead has many trails that lead hikers up into the nearby mountains, where they can enjoy spectacular views of both canyonlands and meadows.

You may even spot herds of mountain goats or stumble across a hidden ice cave.

Explore the Rock Corral Recreation Area 

Tucked away in the midst of Utah’s Mineral Mountains, the Rock Corral Recreation Area is one of Beaver County’s hidden gems. 

Marked by a landscape of solidified molten rock, they’re filled with gems and precious stones – and have been a long-time popular mining spot for that very same reason. 

Even if you don’t go searching for precious stones, the recreation area is one of the region’s most unusual landscapes and a great spot for hiking or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, rock climbing. 

Visit Frisco Ghost Town

Sitting in the shadow of the San Francisco Mountains, it’s difficult to believe now but the small town of Frisco used to be the murder capital of the Old West in it’s heyday in the late 19th century. 

At one time, the former mining town was home to over 6,000 people and shootouts were pretty much a daily occurrence. 

These days things are a lot more tame – with clusters of ruined buildings and old mining equipment – as well as the remnants of what used to be the biggest cemetery in Utah. 

Play in the Snow at Eagle Point Ski Resort

The Eagle Point Resort is a must if you’re craving a winter ski trip.

Open from mid-December to the beginning of April, this ski resort has activities for all ages.

A snow tubing park? Check. Snowsports school for beginners? Yes!

Prices for lift tickets vary depending on the day of the week. For a day pass, you can expect to pay $60-$90 per adult and $40-$65 per youth or senior.

Put Together a Fun Picnic at One of Beaver’s Many Parks

A picnic is always a good idea, especially in Beaver. Its open spaces and sunshine make it the perfect setting for family fun.

So, where can you take your family for a picnic? The first place that comes to mind is Main Street Park at 90th Street and Main Street.

The kids will enjoy the playground surrounded by grassy areas, and we can watch them from nearby picnic tables. Plenty of trees overhead provide shade during hot summer days, too.

Brilliant Things to See and Do in Beaver County

Or Take Your Bike for Crusher in the Tushar 

Fancy something a little more exciting? In the summer the legendary Crusher in the Tushar bike race sees hundreds of bikers barrelling around the Tushar Mountains in an adrenalin-fuelled adventure. 

Walk in the Footsteps of Butch Cassidy 

Butch Cassidy 

The infamous Butch Cassidy was born right here in Beaver in 1866 and it was while he was working on ranches across the state that he had his first brushes with the law. 

Although most of his later exploits took place outside of Utah, you can still visit Cassidy’s later childhood home in nearby Garfield County. 

Go on a Snowcat Excursion and View the Sunset from New Heights

Have you ever wondered what a sunset looks like on top of a snowy mountain range? Eagle Point Ski Resort offers a breathtaking experience after the lifts have closed.

At 5 pm, a heated snowcat will greet your private group and climb to over 10,000 feet in elevation. At the top of the mountain, an awe-inspiring sunset panorama awaits you.

The snowcat excursion lasts for 1.5 hours and costs $625. The tour is kid-friendly and allows for up to 12 people. Appetizer platters and s’mores kits are available at an upgraded purchase.

Enjoy a Day of Fishing on One of the Many Lakes and Rivers

Beaver County is a great place to go fishing. Within a short drive of Beaver and I-15, you’ll find rivers and natural lakes teeming with:

  • Brown trout
  • Rainbow trout
  • Brook trout
  • Cutthroat
  • Arctic grayling
  • Bass
  • Wiper

The price for a fishing guide will range from $175-$595.

Top fishing spots include the Minersville Reservoir – a large reservoir in the shadow of the Mineral Mountains and a prime location for catching both rainbow and brown trout. 

Go on a Camping Trip

Beaver is near the Tushar Mountains, the third-highest mountain range in Utah.

This gorgeous area is home to Tushar Lakeside campground. It’s a perfect spot for a summer retreat for families, especially if your kids love hiking, fishing, and swimming.

Tushar Lakeside Campground allows for stays up to 14 days long and is open all year round.

June through September are the busiest months due to peak season. So, if you’re considering a trip during that time, we suggest making reservations in advance.

A standard, non-electric camping stall will cost $12 a night, and group camping stalls range from $50-$160 a night.

Check Out The Weirdly Wonderful Monkey Fence

Beaver County is home to many natural wonders but stop by the Monkey Fence if you’re in the mood for something more unique.

No clue about Monkey Fence? We get it — not many people are aware of it yet. It’s a fence to which a number of stuffed monkeys have been tied. 

You won’t find this unknown destination on your GPS, so you’ll need directions. But, lucky for you, it’s not too difficult to track down (as long as you know what you’re looking for).

From the town of Beaver, head north on 1200E until you reach a dirt road. On your left, you’ll see dirt trails. Take the middle trail, and don’t stray from the path until you’ve reached the fence.

Also, bring your own monkey plushy to add to the collection.

Things to do in Beaver County: Practical Tips for Your Trip

How Long Should You Visit Beaver, Utah?

We recommend a full 3-4 days to give you ample time to check out a tour, do some skiing, and explore some trails.

But if you’re just stopping by while on the road, a day trip exclusively sightseeing on one of the trailheads would be wonderful too.

Best Time to Visit Beaver, Utah

Utah is a great place to visit year-round. However, if you’re eager to shred through fresh powder on the Tushar mountains, December-April is the time to visit.
For fishing, swimming, and camping, June-September is best.

Where Should I Stay in Beaver?

Best Western Paradise Inn is an excellent spot for those with a moderate budget. It’s less than 2 miles from downtown, and the meal at Crazy Cow Café is hearty and delicious.

Check Rates and Availability for Best Western Paradise Inn on

Eagle Point Resort Ski-in Ski-out Lodging (Luxury)

Eagle Point Resort is a more luxurious spot, perfect for an unforgettable ski trip vacation. Like the name, you can simply ski right out your door or move around with the lifts.

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Things to do in Beaver: Map

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