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The Best Restaurants in Moab: Unmissable Places to Eat

The Best Restaurants in Moab: Unmissable Places to Eat

We’ve got you covered with the best restaurants in Moab.

This sprawling city is famous for its incredible outdoor spaces featuring red mountains, huge arches, and fascinating hoodoos. 

But, we’ll level with you, one of the best things to do in Moab is to walk around the Downtown area to see what amazing cuisines you can try. With the majestic sceneries as the backdrop, of course.

Ready to discover the best restaurants in Moab? Let’s get into it.

Best Restaurants in Moab, Utah

Moab Diner


Nope. Doc Brown from Back to the Future hasn’t duped you. The owners of this quaint diner are just a lover of all things retro.

The building opened in the 1960s and has been through a few hands, but Moab Diner still retains its original charm. While the prices may have increased since the original 0.29c burgers from a few decades ago, this diner is still one of the best places to eat in Moab for many locals.

While the retro look draws customers in, their hearty meals at great prices keep people coming back. They open at 6 am, and their all-day breakfast is worth stopping by before your excursions to the Mighty Five.

Zax Restaurant


Zax Restaurant is the best restaurant in Moab for an all-American menu. The restaurant and bar are family-owned and have served patrons for over 20 years.

The menu comprises a wide selection of pasta, steaks, and burgers. The well-trained chefs cook the pizzas in a wood-fired oven for the perfect texture and cheese pull. 

Over in the bar, you can expect the same friendly but relaxed vibe as the restaurant. Here you won’t run out of locally brewed beers to choose from, as it has one of the largest selections in the city. 

Blu Pig


Blu Pig is calling your name if you’re looking for an epic barbeque fixin’ with all the trimmings. Illuminated under an indigo light, you’ll find your table filled with a meat lover’s dream plate.

The menu includes pork, beef, turkey, chicken, and catfish. The sides menu has all the comfort foods, from cornbread, potato salad, onion rings, and gumbo.

And what would a hearty meal be without a cold one to wash it down? This bar offers a selection of beers, ales, ice teas, and cocktails.

It’s also one of the few dog-friendly restaurants in Moab. After a long walk in the nearby national parks, you and your pet can enjoy a barbeque in the outdoor seating area.

Arches Thai 


Arches Thai may be one of the top Moab Thai restaurants. It is less than a 10-minute drive from Arches National Park, so it makes a great stop for a post-hike meal.

And, while its specialty is Thai food, the restaurant also sells dishes from other east Asian countries as well. So, you can have a real Asian foodie treat with gyozas, samosas, and shumai dumplings.

Try their signature Arches Thai jerky for an interesting fusion of Thai and North American flavors. It comes served with a Sriracha dipping sauce for a bit of spice on the tongue — a Thai food staple.

Sunset Grill


Most restaurants and eateries in Moab are moderately priced, but sometimes you’re looking for something more upscale— especially on date night. When it comes to fine dining, Moab’s Sunset Grill does it like no other in the city.

The restaurant isn’t only one of the oldest places to eat Moab has, but it used to be Uranium geologist Charlie Steen’s home. You can see a homage to the researcher through a bronze cast of his boots on display at the restaurant.

While its history is fascinating, it’s not the only reason to visit. It is one of those Moab restaurants with a view as it sits atop a mountain overlooking the city. 

It’s especially beautiful at night as you eat one of their amazing specialties, like a raspberry duck, Idaho trout, or honey pecan chicken, paired with a drink from Charlie Steen’s Private Reserve.

Antica Forma


Antica Forma is one of the best restaurants Moab has for Italian dining at night. Antica Forma roughly translates to “The old form,” and it stays true to its name by priding itself on the ways of the years before. 

You can find an authentic Neopiltan pizza prepared in a wood-fired oven here any day of the week. Not only that, but you can rest assured that it is handmade with fresh ingredients, and hand-stretched mozzarella, just like they do in Naples.

It’s an excellent restaurant for relaxed Moab dining without much fuss. Most of the care goes into the food and getting that perfect taste balance instead of making the place look fancy. Besides pizza, the restaurant also serves a long list of pasta (with gluten-free options, too).

Milt’s Stop & Eat


Milt’s Stop & Eat is Moab’s oldest restaurant, as it opened during Moab’s uranium boom in the 1950s. Like Moab Diner, this restaurant’s aesthetics haven’t strayed too far from the original with its cute retro style.

While the style has remained the same, the menu is updated and includes a few vegetarian options (quite the rarity when it comes to Moab). The joint sells the best food in Moab for anyone looking for comfort foods at an affordable price.

Expect a good mix of American and Mexican cuisine with burritos, churros, burgers, and milkshakes. Try their elk burrito for something different or the churro sundaes for a real treat.

Other Places to Eat in Moab

Jailhouse Cafe


You cannot miss this bright pink building plopped right in the center of town. The Jailhouse Cafe has served breakfast food in Moab for almost 30 years and remains a favorite among locals and tourists.

Since its existence in the late 1800s, it has been the city’s County Courthouse, post office, office spaces, and finally, this quaint breakfast spot. Don’t miss out on their indulgent soul food bacon; it’s a thick-cut salty slab that goes well with any of their other breakfast treats.

While there, pair your bacon with their eggs benedict and chipotle hollandaise sauce or fluffy Swedish pancakes with Lingonberries. Yum!

Quesadilla Mobilla


Believe it or not, one of the best Mexican restaurants in Moab is not a restaurant. It’s a food truck parked at Center Street and Main Street downtown.

The bright yellow truck of Quesadilla Mobilla serves the classic quesadillas we all know and love, but they don’t shy away from experimenting. This means that while you can get the usual chicken and beef wraps, you can also expect curveballs like kimchi and banana peppers thrown in from time to time.

For non-meat eaters, there are also a few vegetarian and vegan options. For sides, you can choose between tortilla chips and guacamole to pair with their $2 drinks.

Practical Tips for Exploring The Best Moab Restaurants

  • If you’re ever out of ideas on where to eat in Moab, just walk down the main road in town. You’re bound to stumble upon a few fantastic eateries, no matter your budget or palate.
  • Most people visit the city for its national parks, so prepare for many of Moab’s best restaurants to fill up around dinner time. It’s never a bad idea to make reservations at the restaurant beforehand, just in case.
  • There are a few eateries you can take your dog along to. But to be safe, always ensure your pup stays leashed to avoid them running around.

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