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The Best Things to do in St George, Utah

The Best Things to do in St George, Utah

Looking for things to do in St. George, Utah? Get ready to discover the most exciting St George activities, from exploring national parks to admiring dinosaur footprints.

St George might just be Utah’s most underrated spot. Don’t believe us? This picturesque city sits in the southwest of Utah and offers a fantastic base for exploring Zion and the Grand Canyon National Park.

But that’s not all it has to offer – there are fun things to do in St George, Utah, around every corner. You’ll quickly fall in love with this city, from its historic downtown district to its unforgettable desert gardens. 

In fact, we guarantee that you’ll soon discover why St George has some of the best things to do in Southern Utah

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Top 5 Things to Do in St. George, Utah

Explore the St. George Historic Downtown

St. George Utah

Kick off your fabulous trip to St George by exploring the quaint and truly unique Historic Downtown district. You’ll find most of the historical buildings and museums along St George Boulevard and the Main Street.

The iconic buildings include the St George Art Museum, St George Children’s Museum, and Town Square Park. Fancy stepping back in time? Take a wander through Ancestor Square, where old stone buildings paint the prettiest of pictures and tell a tale of the city’s yesteryears. 

Oh, and The Painted Pony serves delicious food if you get peckish while venturing through the streets. 

Top Tip: If you visit between May and October, visit the Downtown Farmer’s Market for an authentic St George experience.

Visit Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park at St George, Utah, USA

Looking for outdoor things to do in St George, Utah? We’ve got a top recommendation: Explore Pioneer Park’s 52 acres of rustic Utah scenery. 

The Crack is a fantastic site – picture a cliff split in half by an axe. You can squeeze through this tight 40-yard crack, or admire it from the walkway above if that sounds a little bit too claustrophobic for you.

You can also visit Dixie Rock for some sublime views of St George. And remember to explore the Cavern, a large natural room where echoes travel forever (seeing who can shout the loudest is non-negotiable between you and your party). But the star of the show is Pioneer Park Arch, an iconic natural arch that you can see from the entire park.

Top Tip: If you’re a rock climber, try your luck at The Sun Traverse in the park.

Admire the Red Hills Desert Garden

The Red Hills Desert Garden is situated right by Pioneer Park and features 5,000 desert plants across five acres. You’ll find all sorts of flora here, from the indigenous Arizona Pencil Cholla to the Mexican Redbud.

But it’s not just plants you’ll find in this garden: Dinosaur footprints from Dilophosaurus, Megapnasaurus, and Scuttellosaurus are all there to delight you. There’s also a wonderful stream that passes through the garden and fosters fish like the Woundfin. 

Visit the Kayenta Art Village

Kayenta Art Village is a bespoke area just 11 miles from the city center. And we highly recommend you check it out. This is one of those incredible free things to do in St George, Utah, with six unique art galleries, each showcasing excellent local art.

Each of the spaces are unique. For example, the Datura Gallery specializes in Escalante rugs, and Gallery 87 features local artists, like photographer Eline Bandringa. 

In between visiting the galleries, walk through the Kayenta Desert Arboretum. And if you’re getting hungry, go to the Xetava Gardens Cafe for a light bite to eat.

Top Tip: Hone your artistic side during workshops and classes at the Makespace Studio.

Join a Sunset UTV Tour

One of the great things about St George is that it’s close to so many fantastic national parks. So the only logical thing to do is end a day with a sunset UTV tour through Zion National Park.

During a fully customizable 4-hour tour, you’ll see iconic Zion National Park landmarks, from the Narrows to Angel’s Landing. If you’ve never been on a UTV before, there’s no need to be worried, as the guides will show you the ropes of this thrilling vehicle.

And, by the end of your adrenaline-pumping tour, you’ll have witnessed unforgettably breathtaking views of the Zion landscape. It’s one of the most romantic things to do in St George, Utah.

Brilliant Things to See & Do in St George

Visit Quail Creek State Park

Quail Creek State Park in Utah, USA

Admire the beautiful azure blue waters of Quail Creek State Park’s reservoir after a short 18-minute (13.5-mile) drive from St George. This oasis of red rocks encapsulates the pristine waters, where you can enjoy activities like slalom skiing.

But all the fun isn’t just on the water, as the 4.9-mile out-and-back Quail Creek Overlook Trail is a fantastic hike. The reservoir has some of the warmest waters in the state, so it’s a great place to relax on the beachfront.

Hike the Red Reef Trail

Hiking is one of the fantastic dog-friendly things to do in St George, Utah, and this 2.2-mile out-and-back trail is no exception. You’ll start at the Red Reef Campground, where you can fill your water bottles before venturing into the wilderness.

It’s a relatively easy hike as you walk through the narrow canyon and follow a picturesque stream. 

As you hike, the path narrows until you reach the gorgeous yet small waterfall cascading down the red canyon walls. It’s a beautiful part of the Red Cliffs with mesmerizing photo opportunities.

Top Tip: For a more challenging hike, continue past the waterfall and join the 5.9-mile-long Cottonwood Canyon trail if your dog (and yourself) can handle it.

Explore the Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum

Looking for indoor things to do in St George, Utah? Look no further than the Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum, 11.5 miles south of the city center.

You’ll learn about the rich history of plane warfare and discover the unique warbirds from World War II. These planes include the notorious Soviet UTI and the Allied F-86 Sabre. 

Each aircraft hanger holds a particular plane from the past and present, and the fun doesn’t end there. If you visit in October, join the annual Warbird Fly-In to see these powerful planes in action.

Discover Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park

Explore the diversity at Snow Canyon State Park, an 11.3-mile drive from St George. This is a landscape teeming with spectacular sites, which you can see along the 7-mile scenic drive. 

Some of these sites include Jenny’s Canyon – a colorful and impressive slot canyon – and white sand dunes dotting the orange landscape. 

Scenic drives are a great way to explore the park, but there are plenty of short hikes also well worth the effort. Of the 28 trails in the park, one of the best include the 2-mile Butterfly Loop Trail.

Top Tip: Jump back into the past along the intense 15.8-mile Gila Trail, which takes you through the iconic Petroglyph Slot Canyon.

Hike the Lava Flow Trail

Don’t leave Snow Canyon State Park just yet, because this 2.5-mile out-and-back trail is a stunner. You’ll traverse the park’s southern region and admire the Instagrammable scenery of the red cliffs ahead.

After a short walk through the countryside, you’ll visit the main event. Three lava tubes made thousands of years ago that act as large caves with ominous blackened walls. They’re a spectacular site and something you must see in person to understand their scale.

Top Tip: Bring a flashlight with you, as the caves can get pretty dark.

Explore the Red Cliffs Conservation Area

Red Cliffs National Conservation area, St George, Utah

The Red Cliffs Conservation Area dominates the St George landscape, so it would be silly not to visit. The region is a crossroads between the Colorado Plateau, The Great Basin, and the Mojave Desert, so it promises a unique variety of sites.

If you hike through the Millcreek and Grapevine region, you’ll find towering hoodoos, dinosaur tracks, and beautiful wildflowers. In comparison, the eastern region has iconic arches like Elephant and Babylon that can easily rival those at Arches National Park

And, of course, the legendary Red Mountains are wonderful to explore, especially along the 1.7-mile Chuckwalla Trail. And for a longer journey, add the Beck Hill Trail, which is notorious for seeing the Mojave Tortoise.

Walk Through St. George Temple

Smack bang in the city center, you’ll find the impressive St George Temple that was built way back in 1877. This building’s stunning all-white exterior is glorious, and an incredible example of Gothic Revival architecture.

Walking through the temple grounds is lovely, as the perfectly manicured gardens set the scene. Upon entering, the Utah landscape is brought indoors with the bright murals in the congregation halls.

Top Tip: Visit the temple’s visitor center to learn more about tours and upcoming events.

Discover the Petrified Dunes Trail

The Wave Vermilion Cliffs National Monument Grand Staircase

We told you – the hikes keep on coming. And this 1.2-mile out-and-back trail in Snow Canyon is an absolute belter. 

Do you know those lines on maps that show the change in height? Well, these petrified dunes are a literal representation of these contour lines.

The hike is easy and is one of the many great things to do in St George, Utah, with kids. You can stick to the trail, but it’s perfectly fine to wander around on these dunes set in stone.

Unique Things to See & Do in St George, Utah: Hidden Gems That are Off the Beaten Track

Admire the Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site

Petroglyphs at Newspaper Rock

To dive into ancient times, take a 12.4-mile drive into Arizona to visit the Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site – some of the ancient rock carvings are as old as 8,000 years.

A total of 500 petroglyphs adorn the large boulders along the walk. It’s also one of the best things to do in St George, Utah, at night as you can admire the dazzling stars above. Just bring a flashlight so you can see the petroglyphs.

Discover the Bowl Trail

If you’re searching for a unique landmark in St George, enjoy the 2.3-mile out-and-back Bowl Trail. Alright, so it’s a 23-mile drive from St George to the trailhead, but it’s worth the extra traveling.

There are some steep sections on the track, and you may think this trail isn’t that special. But once you reach the summit, you’ll find a spiraling hole known as the vortex. 

It’s rare to find such a phenomenon in the wild. And the sweeping views of golden Utah scenery make it all the more special.

Walk Through the Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum

For one of the more unusual things to do in St George, Utah, visit this museum packed with taxidermied animals. Yes, these figures were once all real animals roaming the wild, but Jim Rosenbruch was an avid international hunter.

There are over 300 animals here, ranging from massive bison to imperious lions. The museum also displays the animals in their natural habitat, so it’s a fully immersive experience.  

It’s a bit freaky at first, but you’ll get over it fairly quickly. And it’s a fantastic activity to do on a rainy day in St George.

Visit Sand Hollow State Park

Sand Hollow State Park in Utah

Sand Hollow State Park is a must-visit attraction near the city, with dunes and unique rock formations reminiscent of prehistoric creatures. The majestic orange dunes ebb and flow throughout the park, creating fantastic beaches for the 1,322-acre reservoir.

But there’s more to do than relax by the water, with activities like kayaking and jet skiing available. You can also hit the road – well, it’s a well-worn path – and explore the unusual rock formations at Sand Mountain.

Top Tip: Explore Sand Hollow State Park in style on this full-day ATV adventure.

Explore the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site

By now, you must realize St George was once teeming with dinosaurs. But for an immersive experience, head to the St George Dinosaur Discovery site.

The large building on Johnson Farm houses a diverse range of fossils. One such is the crouching fossil, which froze in time a young carnivorous dinosaur crouching in the sand. This is the rarest at the site, with less than a dozen existing worldwide.

You can also explore the fossil preparation lab and learn more about fossil preservation.

Top Tip: You can enjoy this venue, and many more like it with Utah’s Get Out Pass

Visit Harrisburg Ghost Town

Harrisburg Ghost Town

We love a ghost town – there’s just something so cool about viewing the USA frozen in history. 

For more pioneer history, visit the old ghost town of Harrisburg. The first settlers came here in 1859 but quickly left the town by 1892 as floods and grasshopper plagues became regular occurrences.

All that remains are a few stone homes that serve as reminders of the difficult start the settlers had in this region. There is occasional flooding in summer, but this historic town is a lovely place to visit throughout the rest of the year.

Explore the Yant Flats

Last, but certainly not least, we have the 5.3-mile Yant Flats loop trail. The hike is a 27-mile drive from St George in the breathtaking Dixie National Forests, and let’s just say it’s unbelievable.

As you walk, the swirling colors of sandstone paint the landscape in an extraordinary manner. No wonder they have the nickname “Candy Cliffs.” It’s a moderate hike and will take around two and a half hours to complete, but with unforgettable views from Yellow Top, you’ll be glad you made the effort.

Things to Do in St George: Practical Tips for Your Trip

How Long to Visit in St George? 

Three days is the perfect time to explore everything St George offers.

Best Time to Visit St George

Much like what we said in our guide to the best time to visit southern Utah, St George is great to see in March, April, September, or October.

Where Should I Stay in St George?

Staybridge Suites (Mid-Range)

Staybridge Suites offers you a comfortable and affordable stay in the heart of the city. 

The spacious rooms are perfect for relaxing in, and the solar-heated pool is great after a long day. It’s also pet-friendly, in the perfect position to access all the main activities in the city.

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Red Mountain Resort (Luxury)

For something more luxurious, the Red Mountain Resort offers breathtaking views from all its rooms. The hotel boasts four crystal clear pools, and the pristine gardens are perfect for leisurely afternoon strolls. 

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