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13 Best Brunches in Salt Lake City

13 Best Brunches in Salt Lake City

Ready to dig into the best brunch in Salt Lake City? Here’s a list of our favorite brunch places Salt Lake City offers.

Brunch in Salt Lake City isn’t an afterthought. It’s one of the first things we think of between a weekend of adventure in the nearby national parks, ski resorts, and hiking trails.

Luckily, Salt Lake City is known for having one of the up-and-coming food scenes in the West.

So, where are the best places for a round of mimosas, a towering stack of pancakes, and creative dishes from talented chefs? Not to worry. We found the best brunch spots Salt Lake City offers for just about every budget and palate.

Make reservations soon – these cafes and eateries are the best in town. 

Best Brunches in Salt Lake City

Sunday Brunch at the Grand America Hotel


The Grand America Hotel is one of the best hotels in Salt Lake City, so it’s no surprise you can go there for a great meal.

Laurel Brasserie & Bar arguably serves up the best brunch in Salt Lake City, so make reservations to try the made-to-order omelets and freshly baked goods long in advance.  

Fernando Soberanis leads a talented team in the upscale yet fun hotel restaurant, and dishes like the locally famous Grand America Bread Pudding prove why it’s considered the best Sunday brunch in Salt Lake City.   

SLC Eatery


Logen Crew has etched out a reputation as one of the best chefs in Utah. Head to one of the most popular Salt Lake City brunch spots, and you’ll know why. 

A la carte choices at SLC Eatery aren’t just an excellent way to refuel after your outdoor adventures – they’ll likely be one of the highlights of your trip. 

Southwest classics like huevos rancheros and tostadas sit alongside kimchi rice bowls and raw oysters. Needless to say, you have plenty to choose from. 

But variety isn’t all this Salt Lake brunch has going for it – the tres leches brioche french toast with caramel apples is as addictive as it is delicious. Add a Frozen Espresso ‘Tini or Michelada to the mix, and you have yourself a party.

Piper Down Pub


One of our favorite ideas for brunch SLC-style just happens to reside at one of the city’s best bars. We can see the early nap coming a mile away.

The full bar, rooftop patio, and welcoming crowd pretty much guarantee a great time at Piper Down Pub.

But their brunch is the real crowd-pleaser, with $2 mimosas (seriously?), fully loaded bloody marys, and a brunch menu with hearty classics that should help soak up some of your boozy breakfast.

Our advice? Get there early and work up an appetite for some house-made corned beef hash alongside a couple of cocktails. 

Adelaide Bistro


If you’re looking for downtown brunch spots in Salt Lake City, Adelaide in Le Méridien is a great bet. 

The menu is rich with choices without feeling bogged down and has enough options for team sweet or team savory to spark a lively debate about which brunch dishes are the best. 

We like the idea of balancing the best of both worlds by sampling a few creative small plates.

Dungeness crab croquettes, ricotta donuts, and BBQ shrimp & cornbread are all fun ways to brunch with your friends. Pair the meal with an NA punch, like the “grilled’ lemonade with maple and soda, for a perfect start to your day.

The Rose Establishment


Ask any local, and The Rose Establishment might well be their favorite brunch in Salt Lake City.

When we first saw dishes like the blackberry and ricotta stuffed sourdough french toast or the smash burger with rye whiskey aioli, we fell in love, too.

Choose from bellinis and glasses of Moscato alongside turmeric lattes and single-origin coffees at this popular cafe and restaurant downtown. 

Why Kiki


Looking for a drag brunch in Salt Lake City? The tiki favorite, Why Kiki is the place to do it,

The food and drinks are reasonably priced, but you’ll need to reserve a table, which costs $40 for two people in addition to food, cocktails, and gratuity.

It’s a lively party that sells out quickly, so you’ll want to reserve a table long ahead. There are around 30 drinks to choose from and plenty of performers to party alongside you and your friends. 

The go-to order? “Chicks n’ Dicks” is the most popular item, which is a combination of chicken strips and waffles with a not-so-subtle phallic shape.  

Over the Counter Cafe


You’ll need to take a taxi or rideshare to Over the Counter Cafe, but judging by the long line of locals keeping the short-order cooks mighty busy – you’ll likely have one of the best brunches in Salt Lake.

For 40 years, this small but lively family-owned gem has dished up made-to-order breakfasts and lunches using freshly prepared ingredients and a drive to keep customers coming back. 

Plates like eggs benedict, short-order combos, and burgers come out quickly at affordable prices and with expert preparation. 

The carefully curated drink menu features local cold brew from Wasatch Roasting Company and Mamarchari Kombucha – available by the glass or growler.



Though it’s in the Kimpton Hotel, Bambara takes on a life of its own. Head there on the weekend, and you’ll see why Chef Patrick LeBeau is dishing up some of the most popular plates in town.

Regional ingredients are the headline act, finding their way into classics like biscuits and gravy made with elk sausage or croque madame made with locally sourced ham.

Arrive hungry and with a large group to share surprises like prosciutto beignets with pear compote, arugula, and white cheddar. Or how about a whipped goat cheese tartine with blueberry aigre doux and spiced walnuts? Drool.

If you’re looking to try the most decadent brunch Salt Lake offers, this is it.

The Pearl


We don’t know about you, but when we think of Sunday brunch Salt Lake City Style – a large stack of ube pancakes from The Pearl is at the top of our list.

What’s ube? A purple yam that’s been a traditional dish in the Philippines for centuries. It’s now a popular addition to brunch staples, partly due to its brilliant purple color. 

The Pearl adds passion fruit-infused whipped cream and berries to the mix for the perfect sweet-and-sour short stack. If you’re more of a fan of savory, try the spam and eggs served over rice.

Inventive cuisine, creative cocktails, and natural wines by the glass make The Pearl one of the hippest brunch places in Salt Lake City.

Pig and a Jelly Jar SLC


Pig and a Jelly Jar SLC doesn’t just serve brunch. They specialize in it 7 days a week.

Go any day of the week between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., and you can order some of the best brunch SLC offers.

Favorites include southern-style fried chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy, and a BEC sandwich that might make New York transplants homesick.

Get boozy (or not so much) with a cocktail menu that features exciting plays on brunch classics with or without alcohol. Try the craft beer take on a tequila sunrise with Hop Notch IPA or a nonalcoholic “rum” and ginger at this popular local chain. 

The Park Cafe


Sometimes, we just want to find a laid-back, neighborhood favorite where we can start the day with a quick and easy Sunday brunch that delivers on flavor and atmosphere.

The Park Cafe has been a reliable meet-up spot for friends and family in Liberty Wells for over 40 years.

Step inside the cozy dining area with local sports memorabilia and hot sauce on every table, and you’ll know why.

Aromas of chile verde breakfast burritos and buttermilk biscuits are intoxicating, and the friendly servers and proximity to Liberty Park make it a perfect place to start your day.

The Copper Onion 


Ryan Lowder, who started The Copper Onion, now has a small empire of restaurants around town. Unsurprisingly, many people think his first restaurant has the best brunch Salt Lake City offers.

We’re big fans of brunch spots that lean into savory choices (though the lemon ricotta french toast should satisfy most people with a sweet tooth). 

Dishes here are rich enough to keep you going, even after a weekend on the slopes or hiking trails, with choices like the burger with duck fat aioli and a brown butter cacio e pepe, leaving no diner hungry.

Popular coffee roaster DOMA supplies the drip coffee. Still, you can choose something off the inventive cocktail menu once you’re ready – with plenty of spicy concoctions and savory concoctions like the Bloody Bull and rye-based Moondance. 

Penny Ann’s Cafe


Local breakfast hero Penny Ann’s Cafe hasn’t been around all that long. But the 12-year veterans now operate three other locations in addition to the original Main Street spot.

Why? Their hotcakes are the stuff of local legend, and you can order the fluffy treats in single (2), double (4), or full (6) stacks. 

Expect other American brunch classics, like chicken fried steak, corned beef hash, and over a dozen omelet options.

You won’t find a boozy brunch here, but a large menu of hot and cold beverages offers anything from hot chocolate to red cream soda to enjoy at this Salt Lake classic. 

Practical Tips for Exploring The Best SLC Brunches 

  • Although not known as a heavy-drinking town, Salt Lake City brunch restaurants often have great wine lists and cocktail menus. 
  • There are lots of creative nonalcoholic options for diners who’d rather not drink. 
  • Many of the best SLC brunch spots are close enough to downtown to walk or take a quick Uber ride. But parking is relatively easy on the weekends in Salt Lake City.
  • Popular Salt Lake brunch places fill up quickly, so make reservations whenever possible. 
  • Arrive before 9 a.m. if you can’t make reservations.

Salt Lake City Brunches: Map 

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